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World of Rhythm

The Rhythms of Life

Percussionist DOMNIQ takes audiences on a journey inspired by his own musical travels through Morocco and Senegal, bringing together colleagues and percussion instruments from around the world to celebrate a diversity of cultures, as well as the commonality of rhythm that underpins them all.

A key element of the World of Rhythm project is DOMNIQ's work with communities local to the venues where he appears. Ahead of his Concertgebouw visit, he organised two free concerts in community centres in Amsterdam, performing his own music and joining local musicians.

Cast & Crew

Artistic leader – DOMNIQ
Spoken word – Gershwin Bonevacia
Guembri & Vocals – Mehdi Nassouli
Oud – Jawa Manla
Composition – Martin Fondse
Percussion – Local Heroes
Sound – Ruben Kieftenbelt
Lights – Mike Evers
Creative producer – Frankly music
Production – Laszlo Gimenez

DOMNIQ gave the premiere of World of Rhythm at Concertgebouw Amsterdam in November 2023. Future performances include at Muziekcentrum Enschede (October 2024) and Tilburg (December 2024).

The hall fills with the sound of the guembri. Moroccan star Mehdi Nassouli enchants you with his instrument and voice. An ode to Gnaoua culture: the beating heart of Moroccan music. Meanwhile, the poetic words of Gershwin Bonevacia float through the air. Time to land. To get lost again. To the sound of pulsating drums. Captivated by the mysterious stories, Oud player Jawa Manla takes you to Syria. This musical world seamlessly brought together in new compositions by pianist and Composer of the Fatherland, Martin Fondse. While all this time accompanied by the best percussionists from their own city and country... Let the drums speak. It buzzes and fizzes. Every performance anew. Rhythm, stories and passion merge

‘This formula works really well. Go to a community, give them a budget, bring some music, play with local people. That way, you connect with local audiences. It demonstrates the secret power of percussion to reach and connect with different audiences, speaking the universal language of the drum’