Silence Meal Flagey, Brussels, 2018 (detail) View full image

Silence Meal

Eat, Watch, Listen

Silence Meal is like a social laboratory experiment where the participants’ senses are tested together and separately.

Kari Korkman, CEO Helsinki Design Week

The audience takes an active but noiseless part in Silence Meal , enjoying food and the rituals of eating but offered the space and peace to immerse themselves fully in the communal and sensory experiences, with each event documented in a unique collage of film, photography and sound.

  • Hosted by the Berlin-based Finnish visual artist Nina Backman
  • A site-specific performance, it has taken place in museums, gallery spaces, on stage, outside, and privately, with each performance determined by its surroundings
  • First conceived as part of the HIAP Residency Programme in Finland in 2013, Silence Meals have since taken place in Berlin, Brussels, Shanghai, Paris, Iceland, Norway and Finland
  • The work has received international acclaim in Europe with the most recent performances being hosted at the Berliner Festspiele Jazz Festival and at Flagey in Brussels