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Our Projects

The worlds of art and entertainment increasingly look for new combinations of musical, visual and digital presentations that will appeal to audiences.

For Maestro Arts, this quest is not new – it has been at the core of our mission since we started. It sets us apart from other management companies, informing how we think, who we work with and what we do. We are passionate about the traditions of music, and the excellence that all our artists embody, and we support them in exploring historic forms in innovative, thrilling ways.

The world isn’t flat and we don’t believe art has to be, either. The more perspectives we take in life, the richer our experience. Different art forms can feed into each other to create fresh, multilayered performances that move and inspire new audiences.

Our Project List represents this artistic mission. Whether these shows combine music with sculpture, animations, theatre or dance, they bring together the finest artists from different disciplines to say something new both about the experience of art, and about life itself. Please visit our Project Page for further details.