Kazushi Ono conducts Brussels Philharmonic's Dreams. Photo: Wouter Van Vaerenbergh (detail) View full image

Brussels Philharmonic

Exhilarating Commitment

Founded in 1935, Brussels Philharmonic simultaneously faces the past, giving iconic performances of standard repertoire, and the future, through exciting programming, inventive formats, creative marketing and inclusive education projects.

The orchestra found its soulmate with the appointment of Kazushi Ono as Music Director in 2022, a conductor rooted in tradition but with a compelling vision of the future. The orchestra also works with guest conductor Ilan Volkov, exploring new music by young composers.

Brussels Philharmonic brings these exciting programmes and formats to new territories, creating short, multilayered residencies in key venues to minimise travel and maintain a low carbon footprint. Programmes showcase Belgian culture and talent, including winners of the prestigious Queen Elisabeth Competition.

‘One can only praise, under this master baton, the precision of the entries and the clarity of articulation... Orchestra and conductor won a deserved success, coupled with a standing ovation, after this interpretation that combined a soaring view, a psychological accuracy and a truly exhilarating physical commitment’

Res Musica reviews Kazushi Ono’s first concert as Music Director in Brussels

‘Making music means freedom to me. If everyone understands the construction of a composition, and if everyone listens to each other, I don't really need to do more than beat the beat. In an ideal world I can stand in front of the orchestra at a concert and just listen to it all, from the best seat in the hall’

Kazushi Ono

Dreams with Kazushi Ono and Brussels Philharmonic

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