Alexander Polzin, Age Of Anxiety 23/99, 1999 (detail) View full image

Bernstein: Age of Anxiety

Anxious Inspirations

Anxiety is the feeling that you have no destiny, … that you do not really know what you are supposed to become.

Professor Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, American literary theorist and Professor at Stanford University

This powerful concert-hall experience brings together musical and visual responses to W.H. Auden’s 1948 poem The Age of Anxiety, with Leonard Bernstein’s Second Symphony providing the musical foundation for projections of paintings based on the poem’s themes by Alexander Polzin.

  • Conductor Benjamin Shwartz and visual artist Alexander Polzin join forces
  • Auden’s poem was published in 1948
  • Bernstein composed his second symphony, The Age of Anxiety, was premiered in 1949, scored for solo piano and orchestra
  • Polzin created a series of 99 paintings based on Auden’s book length poem in 2002

Age of Anxiety (Trailer)

Alexander Polzin, Benjamin Shwartz, all images © Alexander Polzin, 2014

Bernstein: Age of Anxiety, The National Forum Music NFM, Wrocław, 2017