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A New Dawn

Existential Questions
  • An innovative performance concept devised by percussionist Dominique Vleeshouwers, combining visual art, live electronic music and dance in a modular format that allows flexibility of content, according to each venue
  • Three expandable sections – Individuality, Connection and Collectivity – provoke existential questions in both artists and audiences about the choices we make, developing them in a thrilling multi-sensory experience
  • Vleeshouwers has collaborated with dancer Redo and percussionist-producer Binkbeats, but invites new collaborators with each performance, including local artists
  • Previous performances include at Birds of Paradise Festival, March 2022 (world premiere); Apples & Olives Festival, Zurich, 19 March 2022; Ecstatic Music, New York, March 2022; Onderzeebootloods, Rotterdam, 27 August 2022; Dutch Dance Days 2022; Tromp Percussion Festival, November 2022
  • Content and duration are entirely flexible

Dominique Vleeshouwers explains: ‘The show explores the idea of what each day brings and how we take the initiative in own lives, or decide not to. Many people live on autopilot, but in lockdown we were forced to live in different ways, which raises the question: if we approach our lives with an open attitude, how do we react to new things? Our creative challenge is to have a structure to the programme, but to dare to let go and leave it open to the moment and the energy of the hall. For me, that’s what art – and life – is about.’

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‘A New Dawn by REDO, Binkbeats and Dominique is drenched in a sense of curiosity and discovery… The committed yet playful exploration by all agents involved makes it exciting to watch… The wow-factor of their virtuosity, the precise control of musicality and the inescapable humanity of the bodies involved, make these dance forms particularly fit to negotiate between abstract and material worlds.’

Jordi Ribot Thunnissen, Movement Exposed

Images from A New Dawn (Photos: Claudia Hansen)