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Topi Lehtipuu leaves his mark as 'The Creature' in Mark Grey's Frankenstein

In Alex Ollé La Fura del Baus' much-anticipated commissioned opera Frankenstein at La Monnaie, Topi Lehtipuu is The Creature. Set in a futuristic apocalyptic world (2816), the scenery is gigantic and spectacular, the whole direction aiming at creating a universe completely void of warmth. In this icy landscape, Topi inhabits his role with great skill and makes up in humanity what this world lacks in life and beauty.

The creature interpreted by Topi Lehtipuu reveals his humanity through an inspired voice, fine, very soft, in opposition to the violence of the character. Between depth and vulnerability, the voice of the monster is ornamented, mastered in abandonment. The high notes of the Australian tenor show a surprising sensuality, almost whispered as sighs. The low part of his voice sinks, like cries of distress. With his bruised body, the creature wanders on the stage as it wanders in time. Ôlyrix