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Tectonics Adelaide: Ilan Volkov curates 2nd edition for Australian festival

Another spark-flying mix of classical new music, hard-edged modernism, sound art, improvisation and electronic experimentalism. For Volkov, that’s the point of Tectonics: producing new energy and giving audiences the chance to venture outside the rigid norms that restrict our usual concert experiences. 

This second edition of Tectonics Adelaide will be different. Set in the town hall, there will be no early modernist works like last time but a whole programme of new music including works by Cathy Milliken (Brisbane) and Annie Hsieh (formerly Melbourne). For the second day, contrasting chamber music with works by Eyvind Kang, a celebrated American violinist and composer (who has worked over the years with Laurie Anderson, Bill Frisell and John Zorn). And to be performed by Melbourne’s Speak Percussion, an intriguing piece for 56 tuned crystal glasses by Klaus Lang (Austria). 

Tectonics never cease growing. Now rated as one of the most important festivals in the world for experimental music, its particular success lies in its plurality and refusal to accept stylistic boundaries. Eugene Ughetti, Speak Percussion’s artistic director, adds: 

“Tectonics does not subscribe to one thing; it is not just noise or contemporary music or Fluxus-esque. It traverses the whole spectrum.

That owes to Ilan’s programming skill. He works with some of the world’s leading orchestras and composers but he is also knowledgeable about very obscure experimental practice, which includes the electronic music tradition, improvisation and performance art”.

Adelaide Festival of Arts
Friday, March 4 to Saturday, March 5