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Starry Nights at Glyndebourne as Béatrice finds her Bénédict

Set in the Sicilian town of Messina, you can expect anything but an Italian town reconstruction from Laurent Pelly and his long time collaborators set designer Barbara de Limburg and librettist Agathe Mélinand. 

Follow four young lovers - Héro and Claudio, madly in love, on one side and Béatrice and Bénédict, constantly arguing and despising each other, on the other.  And expect a great of pleasure at seeing the two couples' turmoil unfold into a finale which culminates, in true Pelly style, as a total explosion of laughter and farce. 

With Agathe Mélinand's witty sense of humour, Barbara de Limburg's elegant style and Laurent Pelly's legendary skill at directing actors and singers, Berlioz's unusual work is given the ideal circumstances to show its full potential... Let's bet that this new production becomes a milestone in the history of Béatrice and Bénédict

Conducted by Antonello Manacorda, the cast features Stéphanie d’Oustrac as Béatrice and Paul Appleby as Bénédict.  Performances continue throughout August.

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