Rameau: Hippolyte et Aricie, Opera Rara, Kraków, 2019 (detail) View full image

Sjaron Minailo's new production of Hippolyte et Aricie lauded at Opera Rara Festival

31 January saw the premiere of Sjaron Minailo's new production of Rameau's Hippolyte et Aricie for the Opera Rara Festival, Kraków. The production also marked the role debut of Slovenian soprano Nika Gorič as Aricie.

The musicologist Agnieszka Lakner of Magiczny Kraków said of the production:

Minailo created a spectacle with French elegance, keeping balanced proportions between music, word and movement. Thus, he proved that it is possible to build a bridge connecting the past and centuries-old tradition with a contemporary interpretation. This harmonious performance, created with respect for the music is a tribute to the history and style of French baroque opera. It is exactly the golden mean: unobtrusive perception, not transposed, reflecting the artistic values of the work.

Photographs of the production can be seen here.