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Sjaron Minailo honoured at the 11th International Festival of Puppet Theatre in Warsaw

We are delighted to announce that Sjaron Minailo has been awarded the prize for Creative Expression of Objects/Puppets in Theatre at the 11th Festival of Puppet Theatre in Warsaw.  The award was in recognition of intimate theatrical installation, Rothko Chapel, at the Theatre Institute in Warsaw, in collaboration with Feikes Huis.

The short performance Rothko Chapel is based on the classical/modern composition of the same name by the American composer Morton Feldman and on the paintings by Mark Rothko.  The intrinsic point of departure for the performance Rothko Chapel is the re-evaluation of the famous remark made by German philosopher Theodor Adorno in 1949: “To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric”. Post-war Jewish artists felt time and again the need to redefine the very definition of aesthetics and the role of art in a torn culture.
Sjaron Minailo shares this Jewish-Russian heritage, which in his case is also Israeli, and through his theatrical installation Rothko Chapel, he intends to reflect on the role of abstract art in coming to terms with collective trauma. His aim is to study the manner in which Rothko and Feldman attempted to shape the history of the Holocaust and the means of coping with it. In addition, Sjaron wishes to investigate the meaning of these forms in terms of dealing with his own personal history as a member of the third generation after the Holocaust. 

Further information about the festival can be found on their official website: 11th International Festival of Puppet Theatre

Further information about Sjaron's installation Rothko Chapel can be found here: Rothko Chapel PDF