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CD release Schnelzer: Tales from Suburbia

Benjamin Shwartz

Released on the 8th June 2018, by BIS records, Sweden - Tales from Suburbia, features three orchestral works by Albert Schnelzer. Benjamin Shwartz conducts the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

Tales from Suburbia
Cello Concerto – Crazy Diamond, 2011
Tales from Suburbia, 2012
Brain Damage – Concerto for Orchestra, 2014

ALBERT SCHNELZER has been described by Classical Music Magazine as one of Sweden’s foremost composers. He made his international breakthrough at the Présence Festival in Paris 2004. His music is often described as energetic and forward looking, lyrical and fragile, but also directly accessible and intensely personal.

BRAIN DAMAGE was first played by the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, in 2014.

The music hurls the listener into eruptive crescendos towards a limit – until it yields to a painful, achingly beautiful song by the strings… a motif in the strings breaks free and prepares the way for a wondrous radiance from an alien world that at the same time sounds archaic and like science fiction… In the third movement ́s ”Dam breaks open” there is an opening for a new and airier motoric drive and for a singularly beautiful theme in the brass that in the end makes the work’s central and redeeming message glow: not to be afraid of what is hidden on the dark side of the moon.
Dagens Nyheter

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