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Radio Volkov

Conductor Ilan Volkov, who has spent the last two weeks in self-isolation, complying with Israel’s Coronavirus guidelines, has used the time to start a new radio programme on Soundcloud.

Volkov has wide-reaching musical tastes and his selections are made from his own collection: ‘Everything I choose is an actual physical release that I have at home – tapes, CDs and vinyl. I am selecting from classical, electronic, world and experimental music. I will talk about each track a bit and my personal connection to the music.

He will produce two programmes each week, he says, ‘Until the madness stops’.

Tracklist from the first programme:

Jose Maceda

‘Ugnayan’ from Ugnayan (Tzadik)

Adam Bohman

‘1st August 2009, Adam Talking’, from The Period before the Birthday (self-released)

Micheline Coulombe Saint-Marcoux

‘Sequences’ from Anthology of Canadian Music (Radio Canada International)

Group Vranisht

‘Fuat Bahani’ from Folk Music of Albania (Topic Records)

François-Bernard Mâche

‘Angelus’ from L'Annonce faite à Marie (Jade)

Bernard Fort

‘The Danube Delta by Night’ from Nocturnes du Monde (Frémeaux & Associés)

Jerry Hunt

‘Transform (Stream): Monopole’ from Ground: Five Mechanic Convention Streams (OODiscs)

Image: Benjamin Hartwich from Pixabay