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Grégoire Pont celebrates Ravel in Paris and Schönberg in Gothenburg

Grégoire Pont never ceases to amaze his audience with "Cinesthetics", creating an performance that is appealing to children and adults alike. His touching and poetic reading of Ravel's Ma mère l'Oye, performed in Paris Philharmonie on 29 and 30 May with Les Siècles conducted by François-Xavier Roth, has once again enchanted the audience, inviting them into the delicate and candid world of Ravel. 

"Ma mère l'Oye was brought to life by the 'live' drawings of artist, Grégoire Pont.... Somewhere between a children's game and a 3D Pixar movie, the illustrations on stage, both innocent and delicate, saw a small figure crossing into different worlds and tales, the perfect mirror of Ravel's masterpiece." Thomas Vergracht in ResMusica, 31 May 2016.

The performances in which he 'paints' live, show Pont's real sense of balance and a great capacity for listening, inviting the audience to an unusual and intense way of discovering classical masterpieces, never stealing the show but on the contrary, cleverly enhancing their story. 

He is once again showing this wonderful skill in Schönberg's  Gurrelieder on 3 June in Gothenburg with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Kent Nagano at the Serneke Arena. A real tour de force for the French illustrator!