Pavel Kolesnikov. Photo: Eva Vermandel (detail) View full image

Pavel Kolesnikov releases new CD of Chopin: Impromptus, waltzes & mazurkas

Following his acclaimed release of the music of Beethoven on the Hyperion label, Pavel Kolesnikov releases a second CD of the music of Chopin. His first disc, released in September 2016, focused solely on the Mazurkas, whereas this CD broadens the repertoire to highlight the impromptus and waltzes for which Chopin was also justifiably widely-known. This release again highlights Pavel's deep affinity with the music of Chopin, in an intelligently planned recital, which builds towards the epic F minor Fantasy.

International Piano magazine have made this disc their Critics Choice for October 2019, with reviewer Bryce Morrison writing that "here is a capricious and individual commentary on a capricious and individual composer...Kolesnikov offers some surprises (most notably in the A minor Mazurka Op 7/2) with his departure from conventional wisdom...Provocative he may be, but Kolesnikov’s Chopin is as magical as it is unforgettable."

The disc is released on 27 September 2019 and can be downloaded directly from the Hyperion website.