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Paul Lewis releases Haydn Sonatas Nos. 32, 40, 49 and 50 on Harmonia Mundi

It’s about understanding the humour, and how Haydn sets up expectations and then does something different, that makes you laugh. 

Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis’s newest recording project, his first disc of his survey of Haydn’s sonatas, will be released on 30 March 2018. There are plans for two more.

Lewis explores Haydn’s intimate and inspirational relationship with the keyboard. A relationship that saw Haydn developing varied works, from the most whimsical to the most dramatic: in general dedicated to ladies and combining mischievousness, ingenuousness, eloquence and lyricism.  The recording sets out to capture music that he first consumed as a young boy.

With his Haydn, Lewis aims to persuade people to think again about a composer who is too often overlooked by concert promoters, and to hear him afresh through the prism of, in particular the programmes that Lewis has devised. His current tour which runs until 2019, juxtaposes Haydn’s sonatas with late Brahms and Beethoven.

Haydn Piano Sonatas Nos 32, 40, 49 and 50 is available through Presto ClassicalAmazon and other major distributors.

Paul Lewis discusses the release and his current tour in this April's edition of Gramophone magazine.