L'Heure espagnole - Lyon, 2018 (detail) View full image

L'Heure espagnole - Opéra de Lyon

James Bonas and Grégoire Pont’s L’Heure espagnole opens to a great reception at Opéra de Lyon. This is the second collaboration created by the duo in Lyon; the first L'Enfant et Les Sortilèges was staged in 2016.

"What a wonderful adventure!"

"The team led by Grégoire Pont stages a magical performance of L'Heure espagnole at Opéra de Lyon . Video projections and digital animation - successors to traditional complex opera machinery - pursue with modern means the same desire to create dreams and illusions. And the gamble is successful, particularly as the abundance of colours and images, never random, is closely linked to the musical richness of the score." ForumOpera.com

"★★★★★ Bachtrack - Ravel sauce Pixar : à Lyon, Bonas remet les pendules à L'Heure -

Another win for Opéra de Lyon! .... James Bonas returns to present Ravel's other lyrical masterpiece, assisted by Grégoire Pont's animations. The result is jubilant; a wonderful balances between music-hall, vaudeville, animated film and the burlesque way of Buster Keaton, carried by the Orchestra of Opéra de Lyon. " https://twitter.com/bachtrack_...

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