Offenbach: Le Roi Carotte, Opéra de Lyon, 2015 (detail) View full image

Le Roi Carotte - bravos ring out in Lyon!

12 December: first night for Laurent Pelly's new production of Le Roi Carotte.

Le Roi Carotte, not performed since the composer's lifetime, should provide a real treat for this end of year. Funny, light and joyfully crazy, this story of a prince hunted down by a king and his court born from a vegetable garden, is a rare treasure. The absurdity of this imaginary world, worthy of the craziest of the Monthy Python movies, should appeal to both children and adults, opera lovers and new public. 

Agathe Mélinand has provided a refreshing new version of the dialogues and Laurent Pelly, famous for his imaginative, funny and poetical productions, should find in this piece a great playing field to explore new boundaries!