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Kazushi Ono steps in to conduct the London Symphony Orchestra

Following Sir John Eliot Gardiner's need to reduce his concert schedule, Kazushi Ono steps in this Sunday to conduct the London Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican Centre.

The programme includes Janáček’s Ballad of Blaník and Dvořák’s Golden Spinning Wheel, both telling stories from Czech folk culture – the first an atmospheric and heroic reimagining of the tale of Wenceslas; the second a gruesome tale of greed, murder and magic.

The programme closes with Janáček's ecstatic Glagolitic Mass, written while staying in a small town nestled deep in the forest. Of an evening, the landscape took on the characteristics of a cathedral: 'The scent of the damp forests of Luhačovice – this was my incense. The enormous mountains were my cathedral, with the open sky stretching into misty distances, and in the distance a flock of sheep rang the bells.'

Sunday morning will see Kazushi conducting an open rehearsal of the Glagolitic Mass at the Barbican - part of LSO's Janáček Discovery Day.