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Irina Brook appointed in Venice

Irina Brook has been appointed to a new role as Artist-in-Residence at Teatro Stabile Veneto, to work with its recently appointed Artistic Director, Giorgio Ferrara, from April 2021.

The theatre will provide a base for her travelling project House of Us, which uses Shakespeare's Hamlet as a starting point for working with young people in understanding issues such as loneliness and isolation.

In the press release, Brook said: 'I am excited by the idea of a job that finally takes me to Venice to talk to young people from all over the world and the local area, and to work with young artists from the Teatro Stabile school.'

Brook is about to make her debut at La Scala, directing Brecht's The Seven Deadly Sins and Mahagonny, as well as designing the set and costumes, and creating a new translation for the subtitles, the first time the diptych has been staged there. It will be broadcast on the house's website on 18 March, conducted by Riccardo Chailly. She talked to Corriere della Serra about the production here.