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Eivind Aadland renews in Tasmania

Eivind Aadland has renewed his contract as Chief Conductor and Artistic Director at Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra until the end of 2026. He took up the position at the start of the 2020 season and despite the pandemic has been active with the orchestra, including conducting a Beethoven symphonic cycle.

Aadland said: ‘I have been coming to Tasmania for nearly two decades and from the very first time I worked with this orchestra, I was impressed by the quality of playing and the commitment of the musicians, who are fully involved in every rehearsal and every performance, bringing artistry and expertise to all that they do. Since taking up the role of Chief Conductor and Artistic Director in 2020, I, together with the musicians, have focussed on finessing the orchestra’s sound. We’ve been working on making the tonal range larger, expanding the dynamic possibilities, attending to the finer points of phrasing, and paying attention to minute details and nuances. As we move into the next four years, my priorities are to build on the strengths that we’ve established thus far and to develop our working relationship so that the communication flow between conductor and orchestra becomes seamless.’

The orchestra’s concertmaster Emma McGrath said: ‘Eivind has a natural and warm rapport with the musicians, and his love of music is palpable and inspiring. It’s always exciting to work with him – he instinctively understands how to draw the best from each and every player on stage and he holds us to the highest artistic standards. He’s a beautiful communicator and collaborator!’

Don Challen, Chair of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, said: ‘Since taking up the role of Chief Conductor and Artistic Director at the start of the 2020 season, Eivind Aadland has demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the TSO, so we are delighted that he will remain with us for a further four years. The start of Eivind’s tenure coincided with the early days of the pandemic but the TSO, nonetheless, has thrived under his artistic leadership. His presentation of a Beethoven symphony cycle across 2021-22 was a particular highlight. Eivind’s ‘fit’ with the orchestra has been seamless, and his ability to become such an integral part of the TSO these past few years speaks to his generosity, grace and good humour.’

Aadland’s next concert with the orchestra is on Friday, 26 August, conducting them in Grieg, Stravinsky and Ravel.