Hommage à Paul Celan (maquette) © Klaus Michalek (detail) View full image

Alexander Polzin's Hommage à Paul Celan to be unveiled in Paris

We are delighted that Alexander Polzin's monument to the post-modern poet Paul Celan will be unveiled by the Mayor of Paris in the Anne Frank Garden.

31 May 15:00, Anne Frank Garden: The Mayor of Paris and the German Ambassador to Paris, will preside over the unveiling of Alexander Polzin's monument Hommage à Paul Celan. A reception will follow the unveiling at the Institut d'études avancées with speakers Christoph Koenig and Krzysztof Pomian.

24 May 19:00, Arts Arena, Paris: In advance of the unveiling, the Arts Arena will host a conversation between Alexander Polzin and Margery Arent Safir at the Columbia Global Centers Europe, 4 rue de Chevreuse, Paris 75006. Polzin will speak about his work as an artist, why Paul Celan, and the role of public art in historical recognition, its impact on the life of a city, and on contemporary awareness and attitudes: a particularly relevant discussion at a time when cities and universities are debating, or removing, public art that memorialises now controversial historical figures.

By installing this monument, the city of Paris is proactively using art to serve national memory and to advocate tolerance at a particularly challenging time in France's history.

To be included on the guest list or for more information, please be in contact with rachel@maestroarts.com.