Miguel Harth-Bedoya

© Michal Novak

Peruvian conductor Miguel Harth-Bedoya is a master of colour, drawing idiomatic interpretations from a wide range of repertoire in concerts across the globe.

He has amassed considerable experience at the helm of orchestras, recently completing seven years as Chief Conductor of the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and 21 years as Music Director of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra where he continues as Music Director Laureate. Previously he has held Music Director positions with the Auckland Philharmonia and Eugene Symphony.

Harth-Bedoya regularly conducts the upper level of American orchestras including the Chicago Symphony, Boston Symphony, Atlanta Symphony, Baltimore Symphony, Cleveland, Minnesota, New York Philharmonic and Philadelphia Orchestras. Following his exceptional tenure as Associate Conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic during the early years of his career, Harth-Bedoya’s “special chemistry” (LA Times) with the orchestra remains strong and he returns each season as a guest conductor.

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