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Paper Music

A ciné-concert by William Kentridge and Philip Miller

Video: William Kentridge
Composition: Philip Miller
Vocals: Joanna Dudley, Ann Masina
Piano: Vincenzo Pasquariello
Costume designer: Greta Goiris
Technical coordinator: Michele Greco

Produced by Quaternaire and THE OFFICE performing arts + films

Coproduction: Tomorrowland, Firenze Suona Contemporanea and Rumma Gallery (Milan and Naples).

Paper Music is a cross-genre performance using opera, theatre and film concert to create a witty, poignant, and gently subversive song-and-film cycle. Taking the form of a film concert the piece combines images from various animated films - both old and new - created by William Kentridge from his charcoal and ink drawings accompanied by live music composed by Philip Miller and vocals by Joanna Dudley and Ann Masina accompanied on the piano by Vincenz Pasquariello.

It is a burlesque, poetic work taking the audience on a truly unique, immersive journey and is one of the latest projects in the long-time, ongoing collaboration between Johannesburg-born visual artist William Kentridge and his South African compatriot, composer Philip Miller. Their artistic partnership dates back to Kentridge’s 1993 film Felix in Exile, part of his celebrated Soho Eckstein series for which Miller wrote the score.

Available for touring in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.