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Martha Fiennes - Nativity opens Thursday 29 September in the Gallery

Frieze Viewing - 6 October 2016

930am - 8pm

The work of filmmaker, director, writer, and artist Martha Fiennes is deeply rooted in the history of aesthetics, as depicted in the European pictorial tradition. Paired with her enduring preoccupation to find an encompassing equivalent to the concepts of time, space and memory, Fiennes has created a unique and comprehensive vocabulary to deliver a narrative of great intellectual depth and of exquisite visual expression.

Nativity has been showcased at the National Gallery in London, The Arts Arena in Paris and now at Maestro Arts Gallery. The work will also be on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in December 2016.

About the technology:

Since 2011, Martha has been working on a new series of projects using a pioneering form of generative computer technologies to create large-scale 'film-works' which extend the possibilities of film as a medium and art as an experience.  The technological innovations used in creating her projects are ground-breaking and point to a new range of creative possibilities for artists working with the moving image.

Nativity marks the first in a series of works using SLOimage. The technology was conceived by Martha Fiennes and developed with Producer Peter Muggleston and with MPC London and Existential Software. 

The exhibition is supported by Tillman Domotics and Alpha Omega Fine Art.