Strauss, Ariadne auf Naxos, Glyndebourne (detail) View full image

Katharina's ​"Ingenious staging" of ​Ariadne mixes comedy with the mythic at Glyndebourne

Katharina Thoma's production of Strauss' philosophical comedy Ariadne auf Naxos returns to Glyndebourne in what critics are describing as a "remarkable" and "compelling" revival. 

"The detail of Thoma’s direction and the way her staging illuminates the serious themes of Strauss and Hofmannsthal’s concoction...turn it into more than a light-hearted comedy: high art versus low art; art itself transcending catastrophe; love overcoming death."

Set in an English country house in the 1940s requisitioned as a hospital for the war-wounded, we see the story as if through the composer's eyes. Katharina's staging works on a number of levels at once, integrating the comic elements of the opera within a mythic context, while "glowing sonoroties" from the orchestra and "sensational singing" all serve to emphasise the emotions in the piece as the story unfolds.

The cast features Lise Davidsen as Ariadne, Angela Brower as the Composer, Erin Morley as Zerbinetta, and AJ Glueckert as Bacchus. Performances continue throughout July. 

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