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Andrea Cavallari - Supernova

Please join us on 20th March 2018

Please join Andrea Cavallari in the gallery on 20th March 2018 from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm when he will be discussing his site specific mixed-media installation, Supernova.

Supernova is a visual and sound installation capturing the moment of destruction of a piano, frozen in its final shock wave, suspended at the moment it is transformed into a piano wreck. In its final moments the piano gains a new life, a new incarnation created from fractions of the past. Cavallari, explores the power of the explosion, and the subsequent creation of a new object. Broken strings, hammers, unarticulated keys, can no longer find their original function but are forced from their original positions to form, a new upset structure. In this newly found freedom the pieces fracture in multiple directions, explode into a new space and, in the same movement, compose new universes; they take on new lives.

As a supernova creates a mass of creative energy as it explodes, the accompanying acoustic element features the electronic manipulation of the sound of the piano dropped from a height. It illuminates what occurs immediately after the impact, after the time interval of the fall.  Through the sound piece Cavallari explores the new sound galaxy, the infinite directions that modern and contemporary music took after the end of the classical-romantic period.