Ginastera: Bomarzo, Teatro Real (detail) View full image

Ginastera's Bomarzo premieres at the Teatro Real

Almost half of century after its creation, Alberto Ginastera's acclaimed opera Bomarzo opened at the Teatro Real in Madrid on the 24th April, 2017 in a "remarkable production" cleverly staged by director Pierre Audi and featuring illuminating costumes designed by Wojciech Dziedzic.    

Based on the libretto by Manuel Mujica Lainez, this musical drama tells the story of Duke Pier Francesco Orsini, a hunchback Italian noble who in the 16th century created a fabled garden of stone monsters north of Rome, product of his increasingly fractured psychological condition and darkest dreams. Audi gives meaning to this irrational piece by putting together a "completely black stage and fluorescent marking territory." Combined with Schönebaum's thrilling lighting and Rafman's puzzling video effects, the production aims for a "strange looking yet fascinating mix of expressionism and minimalism" in which Wojciech's sensational costumes strongly enhance the musical values of the story while conveying the hidden beauty, both physical and moral, of the creatures inhabiting Orsini's garden of dreams.  

Performances continue to 7th May. Click here for more information.