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Peer Gynt

A visualisation by Alexander Polzin in association with Eivind Aadland

This project presents a wonderful opportunity for me to bring together my life-long relationship with Grieg’s music, and my passion for the visual arts. Although Grieg described it as 'the most unmusical of all subjects', it made him produce his most colourful and exciting orchestral score

Eivind Aadland

Peer Gynt (trailer)

This unique creative project, originally conceived by Maestro Arts, has been developed by Norwegian conductor and art collector Eivind Aadland and German visual artist Alexander Polzin.

The project was commissioned by the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra to commemorate 200 years of Norwegian independence and its own 250th Jubilee.

At the heart of the project is an original selection of music from Edvard Grieg's Peer Gynt. Based on the text from Ibsen's play, Polzin has created a visualisation so that the audience feel that Peer Gynt's dreams and fantasies are emanating from his mind. Polzin’s work is not an illustration of the story – rather it challenges the audience and raises questions of universal character.

Oil on board
© Alexander Polzin

Ibsen’s masterful text seems to cry out for images and ‘cinematic’ visualisation. I believe that a synthesis between Alexander’s creativity, Ibsen’s masterful drama and Grieg’s rich orchestral score will offer an opportunity for a new and fresh look at Peer Gynt.

Eivind Aadland

In creating the ideas for this I was inspired by Samuel Beckett - specifically his play Krapp’s Last Tape. I see this piece as happening from the perspective of Peer Gynt as an ageing man reflecting on, or reliving in some strange way, the adventures of his younger self.

Alexander Polzin

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