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Love in Fragments

This space is a practice area, in order to improve, to develop the tools; or to fail miserably

Alexander Polzin

Conceived shortly after four artists with differing backgrounds; in theatre, atelier and concert stage met. All keen to explore areas outside their comfort zones, they combined their talents and efforts to explore a common as yet undiscovered language. Through their performance, they challenge their audiences to engage its senses to absorb the experience. 

The programme follows the course of a relationship, falling in and out of love, in eight fragments. Cellist Alban Gerhardt and violinist Gergana Gergova undertake this adventure with choreographer Sommer Ulrickson and visual artist Alexander Polzin. Between chosen pieces of Bach and Jörg Widmann they will investigate various terms and concepts from Roland Barthes' A Lover’s Discourse. 

Scientists have shown it takes between ninety seconds and four minutes to decide if you fancy someone. Research has shown this has little to do with what is said, but rather: 55% is through body language/appearance (dance/visuals), 38% is the tone and speed of their voice (music) and only 7% is through what they say (text).

When you take apart the word fragment you get 'a part broken off or detached, isolated, unfitted or incomplete'. As a verb: 'to collapse or break into fragments, disintegrate, divide, disunify'. These words provoke associations that are active, destructive, explosive and sometimes desperate. Love in Fragments; to observe love in its single components. To see it as gutted, taken apart, to be examined like a puzzle; we shine a light on the pieces and try to understand musically, physically, and visually how they belong together or belonged together.

Creative Team

Visual concept: Alexander Polzin
Choreography: Sommer Ulrickson 
Violin: Gergana Gergova
Cello: Alban Gerhardt

Love in Fragments is a joint collaboration between Maestro Arts and HarrisonParrott; it will be devised at Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Suffolk, UK in May 2018 and premiered at 92nd Street Y, New York in March 2019 with further performances including the Aldeburgh Festival.