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Reflective Imagery

Draw the bow

Bravely aim at the heart a fine quivering heart

At the same time

while staring at death hesitantly surrender your own

Within the heart’s innermost chamber settle down

pledging your life

Alfred Brendel

An exhibition of folios and gouaches created by George Nama in response to Alfred Brendel’s poetry. Their first collaboration, Devils’ Pageant was created in 2001, marking the beginning of an artistic partnership and an enduring friendship. The two artists have since worked together on four folios.

Nama’s collaborations with American and European poets have been long lasting. His works are created as part of a dialogue with the writings, he responds and illuminates with drawings, gouaches, etchings and sculptures. Significant collaborators have included French poet  the late Yves Bonnefoy and the American poet laureate (2007), Charles Simic. His most recent collaboration Liberator was with George C. Romero, director of Night of the Living Dead and resulted in exhibitions in New York and Los Angeles in 2017. There are plans to create an opera based on the short story.

Nama has collected, made and painted in books all his adult life, his gouaches and etchings are a response to the text, the flow of handwriting, a fragment of a headline, a name, an object, a dedication. His works are figuratively based. Rather than depicting real objects, they represent something that could exist. Not of course in the sense of a replication of real objects, but rather parts of them (a torso, or a wing), are united with disparate elements, creating figurative responses.