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Nine Paintings

My paintings are profound, emotional expressions that emerge from my investigation of mind or memory.

Colours are the letters that make up part of the language of my paintings. They come together somehow to form ‘words’. When I paint or work with a colour, this colour might call for a ‘friend’ and I have to find it, or mix it. This is perhaps humanising the colours, but this is how it sometimes feels as I work.

Abstraction is my preferred means of expression. It gives me huge freedom  - and what better tool to express complex and concentrated emotion than the abstract language of colour and form.

When Folkvord realised that he could harness music as auditory inspiration and express it through his painting, he decided to work with what he considers to be some of the greatest symphonies ever written - Beethoven’s nine symphonies.

Each painting is inspired directly by the music of the particular symphony, which he listened to as he painted - and represents the artistic expression of the feelings evoked, how he experienced and was moved by the music.

Kjell Folkvord