Still from Nativity - a moving image artwork by Martha Fiennes (detail) View full image



6.30 - 7.30 pm

PalazzinaG, San Marco, Venice

Opening reception in the presence of the artist to celebrate the Vernissage of la Biennale di Venezia. Maestro Arts in collaboration with The Cultivist is proud to present the Italian premiere of Nativity, a moving image work by British artist Martha Fiennes.

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Nativity by Martha Fiennes is that most striking of artworks that unites not only original ideas and creativity, but also a completely new means of expression. The piece is an entirely new medium based on analgorithm that continuously generates new compositions without the artist’s intervention. Martha's ability to use digital technology as a medium, while not conforming to received perceptions about its boundaries and limitations make Nativity - and I am sure future works that Martha will produce - such a compelling proposition. 

Malcolm Cossoms, Senior Curator, Sotheby's London​

The pursuit of beauty as a defining conceptual framework is central to Fiennes’ most recent moving image work, Nativity. Thematically influenced by renaissance painters concerned with Christ’s Nativity, the work stages the protagonists story set against an ever changing landscape of architectural forms and a striking display of stylised mannerism, featuring Mary as the focal point of its composition. Through her preoccupation to find an encompassing equivalent to the concepts of time, space and memory, Fiennes has created a unique and comprehensive vocabulary to deliver a narrative of great intellectual depth and exquisite visual expression.