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After Nature

Private View

Thursday 23 March

6.30 - 8.30 pm

To complement the recent launch of the Aeneid Book VI - Heaney - Hendrix which took place at Shapero Modern, an exhibition of large scale botanical prints and sculptures is being exhibited at Maestro Arts.

Hendrix's work is influenced by a fascination with flora, he is currently working on a project which will be launched to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook's voyage to Botany Bay. He has been granted unique access by the Natural History Museum (London) to the specimens brought back by Banks. The works on display in the gallery illustrate his continuing fascination and research, and his diverse interest in large-scale sculpture/architectural forms and print making.

After Nature

Del Libro de Medicina

The film Botany Bay to Bundanon gives an insight into the basis of the large scale project; a continuation of the work currently exhibited in Maestro Arts and scheduled for completion in 2019.

From Botany Bay to Bundanon

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