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Hamlet - Shapero Modern

An exhibition of works on paper co-curated by Maestro Arts and Shapero Modern at Shapero Modern, Mayfair. The exhibition focusses on Betts' fascination with the themes found in Hamlet. She started working on Hamlet in 2011 but when her husband, composer Brett Dean, was commissioned to create a new opera for Glyndebourne, Hamlet, she felt compelled to further explore the essence of thought underlining Hamlet’s story; the trajectory of fate. The exhibition coincides with the opening of the new opera of Hamlet at Glyndebourne and an exhibition of her works in oils at the opera house. 

Her fascination with the basic human instincts underlies her work. The belief that throughout time, what drives us remains the same; we can all relate to Hamlet. Betts explores the complex and intricate folds of Hamlet’s story and its wealth of insight into the construction and study of its characters. 

For more information: gallery@maestroarts.com