Readiness Is All (detail) 2017, 160 x 120 cm, oil and charcoal on canvas View full image


Hamlet - Glyndebourne

At Glyndebourne's Festival 2017, Maestro arts presents Hamlet an exhibition by Berlin based artist Heather Betts. Betts’ fascination in the themes of Hamlet dates back to 2011, but when her husband, composer Brett Dean, was commissioned to create a new opera for Glyndebourne, Hamlet, she felt compelled to further explore the essence of thought underlining Hamlet’s story; the trajectory of fate.

Her fascination with the basic human instincts underlies her work. The belief that throughout time, what drives us remains the same; we can all relate to Hamlet. Through her work, Betts explores the complex and intricate folds of Hamlet’s story and its wealth of insight into the construction and study of its characters.

Betts and Dean have found a strong resonance in each other’s work, which has led to a powerful and innovative discourse between music and art. Through this collaborative process they deliver an extraordinary and original depiction of Hamlet’s story, shaped by the composition, texture and colour of their respective mediums.

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I think it is wonderful how they interact and inspire each other and it is a fascinating demonstration of how visual art and music can combine, a partnership we are keen to explore at Glyndebourne.

Gus Christie, Executive Chairman, Glyndebourne