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Supernova is a site-specific, mixed-media installation conceived by American born artist Andrea Cavallari.  The work aims at re-producing the moment of impact created by the fall of a piano from 4 metres. The viewer is intimately confronted with a still life of the explosion originating from the powerful collision, a theatrical configuration of the moment after. A moment of ordered chaos necessary for the creation of the new, the alternative. The work is accompanied by a sound piece which reflects an electronic simulation of the sound produced, as a result of, and immediately after the impact.

Supernova is a conceptual metaphor of the paradigm shifts that occur in political, social and cultural systems. Broken strings, hammers, dislocated keys, can no longer find their original function but are forced from their original positions to form a new structure. The 20th century has witnessed such shifts in almost all fields of creation, particularly in music and art where composition faced the same fate: A newfound freedom emerges from the quantum reverberation of sound and material.  

Andrea Cavallari is a contemporary music composer and an installation artist working with sound and visual elements. He has collaborated with many contemporary artists including William Kentridge, Alfredo Pirri, Jannis Kounellis as well as Erwin Wurm. Since 2007 he has been the artistic director of the festival Firenze Suona Contemporanea which is held in Florence and collaborates with some of the most important institutions, including the Museo degli Uffizi, Museo Pecci, Museo del Bargello and Palazzo Strozzi.

Supernova, 2017, Site Specific Installation
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Vernissage, 22 November 2017