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Andrea Cavallari


Vernissage 22nd November 2017

6:30pm - 8:30pm

Supernova is a visual and sound installation by Andrea Cavallari. An installation capturing the moment of destruction of a piano, frozen in its final shock wave, suspended at the moment it is transformed into a piano wreck. In its final moments the piano gains a new life, a new incarnation created from fractions of the past. Cavallari, explores the power of the explosion, and the subsequent creation of a new object. Broken strings, hammers, unarticulated keys, can no longer find their original function but are forced from their original positions to form, a new upset structure. In this newly found freedom the pieces fracture in multiple directions, explode into a new space and, in the same movement, compose new universes; they take on new lives.

As a supernova creates a mass of creative energy as it explodes, the accompanying acoustic element features the electronic manipulation of the sound of the piano dropped from about 4 meters. It illuminates what occurs immediately after the impact, after the time interval of the fall.  Through the sound piece Cavallari explores the new sound galaxy, the infinite directions that modern and contemporary music took after the end of the classical-romantic period. 

Supernova will be in the Maestro Arts Gallery from 17 November 2017 - 30 January 2018

Andrea Cavallari is an American born visual artist and classical avant-garde music composer. His visual practice is mainly expressed by installations combining sound and visual elements. His recent works explore the deep nature of sound through combining visual elements with sound, whilst his compositions often reflect and take inspiration from the visual world, translating images into sounds. He considers his works to be in line with the new complexity of expression, where the technical and expressional limits of the performers are pushed to the extreme.

He studied piano, composition, ethnomusicology and orchestra conducting and art. After graduating from the music conservatory he took a masters in composition with Franco Donatoni.  Cavallari then studied visual art and painting at the Art Academy in Florence. For the past 20 years he has been expressing his art in both media: music and visual art. His is influenced by the works of Luciano Berio, John Cage, György Ligeti and also artists such as Jackson Pollock, Piero Manzoni, Rebecca Horn and many others.

Cavallari is very active in the contemporary visual arts, collaborating with William Kentridge, Alfredo Pirri, Jannis Kounellis and Erwin Wurm, for whom he curated events at the Bargello Museum and the Museum of the twentieth century. He has shown his works in exhibitions in London at the Cello Factory 2013, 2016, The Other Art Fair 2015 and 2016, in Singapore, January 2015 and in Paris, July 2016. Since 2007 he has been the artistic director of the festival Firenze Suona Contemporanea which is held in Florence and collaborates with some of the most important institutions, including the Museo degli Uffizi, Museo Pecci, Museo del Bargello and Palazzo Strozzi.

Cavallari founded several art and music institutions such as Accademia San Felice Ltd (London), FLAME | Florence Art Music Experience. He has been the artistic director of the Festival Estate Fiesolana, World Sacred Music Week, the FOG Festival and is currently co-director of the London Ear Festival. He has collaborated with the New York University, University of Massachusetts and Columbia University and with Fez Festival (Morocco) Edinburgh Festival, IRCAM, London Sinfonietta, Klangforum Wien, Academie Kunst Köln, Documenta Kassel, Baltic Art Festival (Poland). His compositions have been played throughout Europe and in major festivals such as the Festival dei due Mondi in Spoleto, documenta in Kassel, Festival ninety-seven in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jornadas de Musica del Siglo XX in Segovia, and the Royal Festival Hall in London, the Biennial of Art N.E.W.S. in Poland. He is “composer in residence” at the Frankfurt Kammeroper. His music has been recorded by Rivoalto (Italy) and Capstone (New York). Cavallari has been a member of the board of EAYO (European Association of Youth Orchestras - Amsterdam), WAFO (World Federation of Amateur Orchestras - Tokyo).  He works between Florence, Tokyo and London. His music is published by Verlag neue Musik (Berlin).

© Veronica Citi
Supernova © Veronica Citi