Martha Fiennes

Visual Artist, Filmmaker, Director, Writer

Nativity by Martha Fiennes is that most striking of artworks that unites not only original ideas and creativity, but also a completely new means of expression. Despite passing appearances, the piece is not a video artwork, but an entirely new medium based on an algorithm that continuously generates new compositions without the artist's intervention. Martha's ability to use digital technology as a medium, while not conforming to received perceptions about its boundaries and limitations make Nativity - and I am sure future works that Martha will produce - such a compelling proposition.

Malcolm Cossoms, Senior Curator, Sotheby's London

Martha Fiennes is an award-winning filmmaker, director, writer and artist. Her multi-layered work is increasingly informed by technological developments and ideas in contemporary art practice while remaining resolutely the artistic expression of a highly gifted filmmaker.

She has directed two high profile feature films including the sumptuous Russian period piece Onegin, starring Liv Tyler and Ralph Fiennes. Onegin, which won the Tokyo Film Festival, was also nominated for a BAFTA for Best British Film in 1999 and won her the London Critics Award for Best Newcomer.  Her second feature Chromophobia attracted a star studded cast (Penelope Cruz, Damian Lewis, Kristin Scott Thomas, Harriet Walter, Ian Holm) and was applauded for its powerfully contemporary style and ‘icy and superb script’. Chromophobia, both written and directed by Martha closed the 2005 Cannes Film Festival.

Since 2011, Martha has been working on a new series of projects which use a pioneering form of generative computer technologies to create large-scale 'film-works' which extend the possibilities of film as a medium and art as an experience.  The technological innovations used in creating her projects are ground-breaking and point to a new range of creative possibilities for artists working with the moving image.

The first in the series of works that Martha will be developing over the coming years has already been created. Nativity is a spellbinding film with continuously generative elements: audiences will never view exactly the same image twice. Nativity has had preview showcases at the V&A Museum, the National Gallery, Sotheby’s Bond St., Alternatives Piccadilly and Maestro Arts all in London; and in Sotheby’s Paris for the Arts Arena in January 2016 and was screened at the 2017 Venice Biennale. 


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