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Kate Daudy

Conceptual Artist, Sculptor

ONUART Commission - 2016/17

In 2016 Daudy was designated by ONUART to create a piece highlighting the plight of refugees. With the working title of Home 32° 17′ 44.4″ N, 36° 19′ 25.5″ E, the piece was conceived with the purpose of giving voice to those experiencing the crisis first hand and to promote understanding and compassion. The stories she has collected will be written on a UNHCR donated tent. The tent will be displayed in the UNHCR building, New York to coincide with World Refugee Day on June 20th, it will then go on to tour museums and public institutions in various UN countries to raise awareness of the plight of refugees. 

Daudy has talked to many hundreds of refugees from about 60 countries, and people assisting refugees, asking them about home and identity, with a view to learning something about human nature from this situation of trauma and loss. The bravery, hope and resilience of people encouraged her to write the refugees messages on the streets around her. These focus on the positive, appreciating the good, what we have and that our life is what our thoughts make it.

There are about 67 million registered refugees at the moment, and the average stay in a refugee camp is 14 years.

In March Daudy visited New York, writing on buildings, both inside and outside to raise awareness of the plight of refugees. 

Messages from Refugees - New York 2017

Messages from Refugees - London

Daudy has written, always with permission, in about 250 places in England, Europe and the Middle East, countering current anti-immigrant ideas with a stronger message of bravery and hope. These messages come directly from the camps in Jordan, home to many Syrian refugees.

Her writing is cut out of felt and adhered to the walls with a water-soluble rice paste from Japan. It is impermanent.

This is Water - Yorkshire Sculpture Park 2017

Until the end of June 2017 Daudy's psychological landscape will be at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in the UK. Throughout the park she has created installations, sculpture and performance pieces, written interventions on tree stumps, gates, stone walls, staircases and bus stops.