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Jan Hendrix

Visual Artist

Hendrix resides in Mexico and lives in the world, which he travels, indefatigable, along the least trodden roads. There, his attentive and rigorous sight finds those elements that he will then reinvent through a meticulous and elaborate process, where an amazing multiplicity of techniques and materials, assorted media and unexpected supports – where the millenary dialogues with the contemporary, the local with the global – result in a harmonic simplification that leads to a new perception of what has always been there.

Nina Zambrano, President of the Board of Directors, MARCO

Jan Hendrix's work ranges from artist's books, print editions, enamel installations, etched glass and paintings, to large scale architectural projects. In 2012, he was awarded the Order of the Aztec Eagle, the highest Mexican award given to foreigners for his work in art and architecture. He is the third Dutchman to receive the honour. His work has been exhibited internationally, showing an average of three to four exhibitions each year. He has worked on set designs for the National Theatre Company of Mexico at the request of Alejandro Luna, as well as the set for the monologue Keisho/Maquillaje in Mexico City.

Book VI, The Heaney Project, 2016

Hendrix has collaborated with various writers to design and illustrate their books including Gabriel García Márquez, Seamus Heaney and Bert Schierbeek. Books containing his work have been published in Mexico, Spain and England, these include The Golden Bough (1992), Light of the Leaves (1999), Vivir para contarla (2004) and After Nature (Spanish language version) in 2005. In January a posthumous limited edition letterpress edition of Book VI, Aeneid, by Seamus Heaney was published. An exhibition of limited edition prints at Shapero Modern, Shapero Rare Books, London accompanied the publication.

Isla Espíritu Santo, 2012

Plaza de la Cuidadela 4, Mexico City, 2012

Since 2000 much of Jan Hendrix's work has been related to architecture, and he has collaborated with numerous architects. His first architectural project was in the Hotel Habita working with Enrique Norten and Bernardo Gomez-Pimienta. He created enamelled murals at the Punta del Parque building and the entrance mural at the Atelier Building in Santa Fe, Mexico City. The lighted ceiling designed by Hendrix of the Rosario Castellanos Library is the centre piece of the Centro Cultural Bella Época in Colonia Condesa. Constructed of glass with abstract shapes in black and white it gives a  sensation of being under the canopy of a jungle. Hendrix created the facade of Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa with Alberto Garcia Lascurain, as well as the facade of the Centro de Diseño, Cine y Television in Mexico City. He collaborated with the Arditti architectural firm for the Museo de Memoria y Tolerancia and with architect Ricardo Legorreta for the student center of Education City of the Qatar Foundation. He is currently working with Ten Arquitectos, creating the facade for the Mexican Museum in San Francisco, which is due to be completed in 2019.

Africa House, London, 2013

Mexican Museum, San Francisco, estimated completion 2019.

Mayan Museum of Cancun, 2012

Centro Cultural Clavijero, 2010

Student Centre, Doha, Qatar

Patio de las Jacarandas, 2015

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