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Alwynne Pritchard

Performance Artist, Composer
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Embrace the chaos: Alwynne Pritchard is spellbinding in her own Rockaby with a duo of Foley artists and the BBC SSO under Ilan Volkov 

The Arts Desk

Alwynne Pritchard’s practice encompasses a wide range of disciplines and media including musical composition, choreography, vocal and physical performance, text, video and photography. Much of her most important recent work is conceived in the form of self-contained capsule-performances in which she employs a multidisciplinary language to create a conceptual framework for esoteric and often immersive rituals. These are drawn almost exclusively from the movement and functions of the human body – her own – and can be simultaneously grotesque, fragile, terrifying and absurd.

Central to Pritchard’s performative work is the idea that the human body is an access to thought. An unpredictable force, without morality or language, it can create rifts in perception from which the unforeseen can emerge. From the physicality of this corporeal self – the pulsings, twitchings and contortions of the body – the performer’s voice also comes into being, strong, ugly, delirious and fragile.

Vitality Forms

DOG/GOD, Borealis Festival, 2015

Obamix with Langham Research Centre, 2013

Sound Painting (performance), with BIT20 Ensemble, 2016

Same Different: Equinox to Equinox with Performance Art Bergen (PAB), Bergen, 2016

Alwynne Pritchard Timeline

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