Manager: Interdisciplinary/Touring

Reporting to the Managing Director, the Manager: Interdisciplinary/Touring,
is responsible for developing, managing and selling interdisciplinary projects.
Applicants should have an eclectic appreciation of the performing arts and a proven track record of concept development and knowledge of the marketplace. 

Salary - negotiable depending on experience.

Key European language(s) skills, written and/or spoken would be very welcome.



Maestro Arts is an interdisciplinary agency providing strategic and comprehensive career management to an elite array of international artists within the worlds of classical music and performing arts. 

Our conductors, composers, designers, visual artists, directors and performers benefit from a broad and eclectic skill-set and knowledge derived from our team’s distilled expertise and understanding of market forces, trends, and aesthetic inclinations. Contemporary culture has become a highly sophisticated and a hugely diverse platform in which the boundaries between music, art, design, and media are rapidly blurring. Creative concepts are no longer confined to traditional archetypes and our projects respond to the demands of an ever-changing creative landscape.  

We work with the most prestigious cultural institutions worldwide to curate and produce unique and original interdisciplinary content to a wide range of clients from the public and private sectors. We seek partnerships with other creative collaborators, international venues, arts and music organisations to deliver bespoke cultural experiences.

Key Activities:


Your attention is drawn to the fact that in some cases particular duties and responsibilities are difficult to define in detail and may vary from time to time without changing the general character of the duties and level of responsibilities entailed.  It is a requirement of all employees that they accept elements of flexibility in duties and responsibilities and when necessary interchange within the organisation, which will meet the changing needs and demands of the service. Such a requirement will enable the particular expertise of the post holder to be developed and maximised to the mutual benefit of both employer and employee.


To apply for the position, please email us at, with a full copy of your CV, explaining why you are suited to this role.  

All applications to be received by 16 February 2018 

No agencies or telephone calls, please